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Leebaw Manufacturing Company is based in Canfield, Ohio and was established in 1947. Since the beginning LMC, reliability, customer service and continued product evolution, has enabled us to adapt to the needs of our customers and their industry requirements. These original priorities continue to hold true today and are the main focus of each design manufactured within our plant and shipped throughout the United States and Canada.


Industrial Carts For All Industries

Custom Built Specialty Items To Your Specifications 

Paint & Coating Services Available

Laser Cutting Machinery

Find out more about our laser cutting HERE

LMC's Knowledgeable Sales Team is ready to advise and assist, to meet your specific needs.

Providing solutions for numerous industry needs:

• Move items from Point A to Point B
• Securely store inventory
• Organize products
• Customize a solution to satisfy a specific need

Our custom metal designs continue to be modified and adapted, based on the needs and requirements that our clients requests. Countless industries see continued benefits from implementing more efficient ways of transporting, storing, securing or organizing their products. LMC has numerous existing options, as well as the capability to work with you directly, to find and create exactly what you and your industry needs.


If you don't see what you are looking for on our site, our Sales and Design Team will work with you, listen to the needs presented, walks through the process to understand the challenges being faced and then presents a custom metal design based on your feedback. 

CALL OR EMAIL us today to find out how we can work with you, to create exactly what you need. 


TEL 1.800.841.8083 •

Laser Cutting Machinery
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