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Ergonomics plays a key role in today’s solutions. Whether a tabletop is sloped for easier sorting or slanted to take advantage of natural gravity rather than repetitive lifting. Our Leebaw Solutions can be customized based on your industry and individual application. Let us review your application and customize a design that will maximize your time and minimize your repetitive work! As in any of our custom applications these designs can be made in a variety of dimensions.

These are just some of the numerous options. 

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In the meantime find out even more about products & options online, with our

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Workstation Carts

All of our workstation tables can be tailored to your industry needs and requirments. 

Workstation Table Carts

Sorting Tables

Maximize efficiency and minimize repetitive work tasks with our countless sorting table options and configurations. 

Sorting Tables

Funnel Tables

Funnel tables can be utilized for dropping product from overhead slings such as aprons, table clothes, napkins, then they sort these goods,

Funnel Table

Sheet Feeder Sling Tables

As with all of our products, dimensions can be customized to fit your space and needs.  

Sheet Feeder Sling Tables
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