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We offer a variety of cart sizes and options when it comes to fully welded shelf carts. Our convertible shelf units are ideal for delivery and return of clean and soiled goods since the shelves convert to form the front wall. Our shelf carts can be customized by the shelf size that you require, along with the number of shelves either on one or both sides of the cart. We can customize a design that will work well with your application.

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These are just some of the numerous options. 

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L-28 Style Carts

These fully welded shelf carts are available in a wide variety of sizes, or can be customized to match the shelf size and number of shelves you require. Shelves can be designed to be on one or both sides of the cart, and removable horizontal front wall shelf attachments to contain goods are available which can be stored on the ends or back wall when not in use. Shelves can also be designed to slope from front to back to prevent spillage and assure product containment.

Find out more about our Optional Sizes Here

L_28 copy.jpg

Security Shelf Carts

Store and organize your product for efficient retrieval and make excellent use of your floor space with our sectionalized, security and preloader shelf carts. Our carts can be used for in-house storage or loaded by delivery route and rolled directly from plant to truck. All of our designs can be customized to include sectionalized bins based on product or product size, sloped shelves or shelf stops for containment, wheel well extensions for over-the-road applications, convertible shelving or secure shelving.

Our carts can remain as in-house storage or be loaded based on delivery route and go directly from plant to truck. Our goal is to create a design based on your needs. We want your Leebaw solution to make your company more efficient, regardless of the industry.


Convertible Shelf Carts

Our convertible shelf Units are ideal for delivery of clean and return of soiled goods since the shelves convert to form the front wall.


Bakery Tray Carts

One of many solutions we can customize for your needs. 

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