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Storage and organization are always important no matter what the industry! A great way to accomplish both is with the customizable fully welded garment cart. Made in a variety of widths and lengths to suit hanging garments, uniforms, costumes, seasonal or back stock items and finished linens. This is an excellent design to accommodate any need. By reviewing your requirements and available space, we can customize a design that will suit your individual needs.

These are just some of the numerous options. 

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Relay Carts

Every client has the goal of making sure the items they are transporting are organized in order to be efficiently delivered. Over the years, the uniform, garment and Relay Route Carts have been customized to meet a variety of needs from table linens to hangered goods or ancillary items. The capability of having bottom hanger rods that fold back enable the carts to be available for additional uses such as a bulk cart for returning soiled goods or as a cart for longer hanging garments. Hanger rods are equipped with bind down bars to keep hangered goods in place during transit. The doors can be designed horizontally or vertically depending on your application. The doors can also be customized to be on one or both sides of the cart to enable easy access.


Perhaps your application needs an open-sided unit, this can also be accommodated. The carts are also available with a security feature. Optional designs include a choice of flooring, (wood, metal or 3 x 3 mesh), various rod designs or chains to limit garment movement or fully welded x-metal baskets for ancillary items. As in any of our designs, this cart can be customized to meet your application and color needs.

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1 Rod Relay Carts


2 Rod Relay Carts

2_ROD copy.jpg

4 Rod Relay Carts


Garment Racks/Carts
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Depot Relay Carts


Z & H Racks

The traditional Z-Rack is known throughout the industry as being a convenient staple for any type of industry. Due to the shape of the base, the Traditional Z-Racks can ‘nest’ one within the other, so storage does not take-up excess floor space. Our Z-Racks are able to handle up to a 500lbs capacity, unlike many that are on the market. Other styles such as the garment H-Racks are also available. All of our garment rack bases come in a variety of colors. Options such as cart covers in various colors and fabrics, as well as clear vinyl are available. If you have only shorter hanging garments additional hanger rods are available as well as rack dividers. Perhaps a basket beneath a garment rod would be beneficial. Let us know about your application and we can put a solution together for you that will work best in your environment.
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Hanger Storage Racks
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Security & Storage Locker Carts

Our security and storage locker carts provide an array of options for stationary or mobile uses. Single locker, bi-level, dimensions, colors and flooring can be customized like all of our products. These lockers can be utilized in countless industries.

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