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Sling Cart Systems are individually designed based on facility and type of production. Therefore the sling carts and sling bags need to be customized to fit your system. We offer many different styles based on an array of dimensions. Some of the designs serve two functions and allow you to deliver the clean goods and bring back soiled slings in the same cart. By reviewing your required dimensions and type of goods being processed, our team can determine which type of cart and/or sling bag would work best for your individual application.

These are just some of the numerous options. 

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Sling Carts

Our hamper stands, slings and bags provide efficient, smart solutions for on-location collection, storage and protection of goods. We offer many custom styles, sizes and tare weights as well as options for different bags types and cover caps.

Following are just a few samples of our custom solutions; please connect with a member of our sales team and we’ll be glad to assist you in finding the solution to best suit your needs.

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Sling Carts

Sling Bags

All laundry sling bags come standard with 4 evenly spaced full length straps with top extension loop, bottom cord opening, sling cord lock, and double stitching for added durability, all at no extra charge. A variety of customizable options from materials, sizes, colors, closures and screenprinting allow you to find the best solution that will work for you.

Sling Bags
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