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With so many options and customizable sizes and materials, Leebaw offers many choices for textile accessories. Antimicrobial options on poly options, fabrics, cart covers and laundry bags.

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These are just some of the numerous options. 

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Cart Covers

Removable covers allow your products and materials to stay safe and clean. 



Removable canvas or vinyl coated liners come in numerous dimensions and can be ordered as a unit or as a replacement liner. 


Cover Caps

We also make Pro-Check fabric cover caps for your poly, steel and fabric carts with antimicrobial molecules in the fabric which prevents bacteria and some viruses from reproducing. This fabric is used in the healthcare industry and is easy to clean.


Laundry Bags

Options of size, color and materials gives you numerous options for laundry needs.


Sling Bags

SLING_BAG copy.jpg

Cargo Netting

As with all of our products for transportation and storage, cargo netting can me added as an option. 


Garment Rack Cover

Garment rack covers keep your materials, dry, dust free and safe for transport and storage. 

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