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Storage & Tranportaion Containers


No matter what your material handling needs are, Leebaw is here to help! We’ll work with you to modify our existing models or custom-design a product to meet your unique facility, production, and system requirements.

Sling Carts

Sling Cart Systems are individually designed based on facility and type of production. Therefore the sling carts and sling bags need to be customized to fit your system. We offer many different styles based on an array of dimensions. Some of the designs serve two functions and allow you to deliver the clean goods and bring back soiled slings in the same cart. 

Mat Carts

Mat carts provide easy organization for in-house logo mats by company or mat color, as well as for transport and delivery. When carts are assigned by route, it’s fast and efficient to load them directly on to trucks and go!

Bulk Storage Carts

An excellent way to organize, store and make the most of your floor space. Partitions enable you to have more than one type of product stored. Can be designed in various dimensions or colors to meet your specifications with or without casters.

Hanging Garment Transportation Storage Carts

Storage and organization are always important no matter what the industry! A great way to accomplish both is with the customizable fully welded garment cart. Made in a variety of widths and lengths to suit hanging garments, uniforms, costumes, seasonal or back stock items and finished linens. This is an excellent design to accommodate any need.

Lift Tables & Carts

The traditional design of our hydraulic lift tables and carts provide smart, ergonomically-friendly options for work areas that demand repetitive loading and lifting.

Shelf Carts

We offer a variety of cart sizes and options when it comes to fully welded shelf carts. Our convertible shelf units are ideal for delivery of clean and return of soiled goods since the shelves convert to form the front wall. Our shelf carts can be customized by size of shelf that you require along with the number of shelves either on one or both sides of the cart. 

Cradle & Bar Stock Carts

Whether you are transporting, delivering, returning or storing, you need efficient ways to move product within your location. 

Table Carts

Ergonomics plays a key role in today’s solutions. Whether a tabletop is sloped for easier sorting or slanted to take advantage of natural gravity rather than repetitive lifting. 

Polyurethane Carts

Our polyurethane carts are a valuable solution for product transport, recycling, storage and security and are available with a wide array of options and customization to meet your needs.

Fabric Carts

There are many applications and industries that would benefit from canvas or vinyl coated fabric carts. Whether you are transporting or sorting small or large items, let our Leebaw team assist you in sourcing the best solution partnered with the options you need for your particular application.

Casters & Wheels


Since all of our products can be made with such diverse needs, dimensions and materials, Leebaw Manufacturing has an array of caster and wheel options that are sure to accommodate whatever solution is needed. 

Fiberglass Carts

When your work environment requires a fire retardant fiberglass cart, we have all the options.

Textile Cart Accessories

With so many options and customizable sizes and materials, Leebaw offers many choices for textile accessories. 

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