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An excellent way to organize, store and make the most of your floor space. Partitions enable you to have more than one type of product stored. Can be designed in various dimensions or colors to meet your specifications with or without casters.

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These are just some of the numerous options. 

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L-12 Style Carts

One of the most traditional, yet versatile of the bulk carts that Leebaw manufactures, the L-12 Bulk and Security Bulk Carts. Dimensions and style of the bulk cart are based on your needs. This can be configured with horizontal fold down doors on one or both sides or vertical doors if complete front access is needed. Continuous bumpers are also available if you are transporting into client environments and want to protect the walls and trim. When floor space is a premium, the bulk carts can be manufactured with fork lift guides for stacking. Security L-12 units are also available in a variety of sizes and options. The floors in these units can be made out of wood, 3 x 3 mesh or solid metal, depending on the work environment.

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L-92 & L-92W Style Carts

This traditional design is a heavy-duty multi-purpose cart. Leebaw can design this to meet your individual needs. This can be manufactured in 3 x 3 mesh or individual rod and can also have tapered sides or ‘wings’ for containment. Floors can also be customized based on the environment. Common choices are wood, mesh or solid metal. Like so many of our products, custom metal, colors and required dimensions can be customized.


L-36 Style Carts

Our Package Carrier can be used for storage or transport of many items. Most commonly used for packaged goods, boxes, bagged goods, totes and mats. Dimensions can be customized based on your needs. This can also be made into a two-sided cart. Casters are available corner or diamond mounted depending on your needs.

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