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Privately Family-Owned vs. Corporate - How does that affect your experience?

“Family-Owned or Corporate? Providing personal one-to-one experience from the start, allows our sales team to work with you from an idea to finished solutions!” over a white background image of a two-way sign, one arrow pointing to a Privately Family-Owned icon and the other pointing to a corporate icon. The company logo underneath the text on the right side.

When it comes to choosing the best transportation and storage solution manufacturer that will meet and exceed your requirements, should you steer towards a family-owned or a corporate company? Allow Leebaw Manufacturing Company to explain.


Out of the 28.8 million businesses across America, only 19% are under family ownership. Leebaw Manufacturing has been privately family-owned and operated since it opened its doors in 1947. Being family owned, gives us the ability to make you a priority and the understanding of how important collaboration can be. Since the beginning LMC’s, reliability, customer service and continued product evolution, has enabled us to adapt to the needs of our customers and their industry requirements. These original priorities continue to hold true today and are the focus of each design manufactured within our plant and shipped throughout the United States and Canada.


Pros and Cons of Privately Family-Owned vs Corporate


Large corporately run businesses have much larger staff with extensive hierarchy. This can cause a lack of direct and clear communication; in turn the customer will experience delays in response and delivery. They also will only be able to offer rigid product options, fueled by the main goal of making the most profit. Most U.S. manufacturers are either large corporations or owned by private equity firms, each carrying a negative stigma, as they create a sense of customer detachment and impersonality. All these factors become major contributors for sub-par customer experience.


Family businesses like Leebaw, on the other hand, often prioritize meeting customer demands and ensuring stability.


For many customers, working with a privately owned business has countless positive outcomes. You will have access to a consistent, long-term sales team members, that have worked with some customers for decades and know their products in-depth capabilities. Their direct one-on-one customer experience ensures the client can reach their unique goals and their sales reps. quickly. Smaller staff size means easier, stream-lined communication, helping to combat decision making delays. Family-owned business tend to focus on integrity, credibility, quality, longevity, and customer relationships. These are all cornerstones for providing seamless customized solutions for all your transportation, inventory, organization, laundry, and security needs.


Customization, one of our key offerings at Leebaw


Being privately owned has allowed us to offer product customization and more adaptable structuring, unlike most of our competitors. Providing that personal one-on-one experience from the start, allows our sales team to work with you from an idea to the finished solutions. We work together with the client, to help solve their problem. Our sales team will talk to you to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve, what materials would be most durable and beneficial, how to best utilize your space with our products, while simultaneously maximizing workflow and procedures. We are constantly showcasing examples of our products and their options here on our site. The options are endless, but we want you to bring your imagination, so we can work with you to make it happen. Collaboration is key to making an idea into a reality. Virtually all our designs can be modified and adapted, based on your needs and requirements. Explore all our products to help start the conversation with us.

The words “Fully customizable, with limitless options” over top of several different storage and transportation containers in different colors and materials. Underneath that is more text “Storage – Transportation – Organization – Laundry – Medical – Retail” All over a white background.


Flexibility sets Leebaw apart


Corporate competitors are not able to accommodate custom concepts and production easily. Quantity requirements and standardized models, makes it difficult for them to offer the flexibility that so many customers need. Leebaw provides the customization and personal concept development, to ensure you get the right configuration and quantity that fits your requests. All these factors allow us to implement more efficient ways of transporting, storing, securing, or organizing your products and materials.


What you see on our site, is a starting point

When exploring our site and products, you will find many options that act as a base line to what we can produce. Think of these as the foundations of where our sales team can start the conversation with you, to home in on what will serve you best. See a shelving model that is stationary, but you want casters? You can buy casters directly from us. Think you want to add an extra shelf or even want them foldable? We can do it. Want to stack your bulk carts by using a forklift? We can manufacture them to accommodate that too. Looking for a laundry or medical material handling container solution? We have an array of antimicrobial materials to choose from. Leebaw’s flexibility with dimensions, materials and configurations gives our customers endless options. This is not something you can achieve with a large corporate manufacture.


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